1980s Costumes

What do you know or remember about the 1980s? There was a lot going on in that short ten year time span, which is the reason that 1980s costumes can include everything from cartoon characters to pop music celebrities. It was the era of Madonna and Michael Jackson, and it was also a time when all kinds of films and TV shows were wildly popular too. A 1980s costume can even include certain foods and commercial characters as well!

80's New Wave Singer Adult Costume
Retail Price: $69.00
Sale Price: $51.60

80's Party Girl Adult Costume
Retail Price: $67.00
Sale Price: $50.56

80s Video Super Star Adult Costume
Retail Price: $83.00
Sale Price: $62.40

Rock God 80's Adult Costume
Retail Price: $43.00
Sale Price: $32.35

80s Rock Star Adult Costume
Retail Price: $76.00
Sale Price: $57.19

80's Valley Girl Child Costume
Retail Price: $56.00
Sale Price: $41.89

80s Groupie Adult Costume
Retail Price: $69.00
Sale Price: $52.01

80's Diva Adult Costume
Retail Price: $57.00
Sale Price: $42.82

80's Diva Child Costume
Retail Price: $56.00
Sale Price: $41.69

80s Rock On! Adult Costume
Retail Price: $91.00
Sale Price: $68.25

80's Punk Child Costume
Retail Price: $58.00
Sale Price: $43.33

Wishes and dreams are not meant to stay in our heads; they're intended for action. How would you like to make a wish come true for a day? Your creative imagination is a special thing and costumes really are a wonderful way for you to improve, inspire and celebrate your individual imagination.

It is worth the energy to find the right Halloween party outfit. With a 80's Party ensemble, you're definitely going to stop traffic. Young Luke, you need to trust the 1980's, picture the 1980's, imitate the 1980's.....you BECOME the 1980's.

Your heart is beating fast, your mind spinning, you're filled with enthusiasm as Halloween is coming soon. Precisely what are you likely to wear? Gather your friends together this October and create the spectacular heroes from the 1980's. If perhaps you want to win the best Halloween halloween costume, you can't forget to accessorize. You'll find a 80's Glam Wig, some Control Top Pantyhose, and some Loafer Shoes.

Did You Know?

  • The Eighties: Almost 30 Years Ago, Erno Rubik developed a challenging puzzle. It is a cube composed of Twenty-six small colored chunks which rotated. The intention is to unscramble the little different shades until all of the four sides are the same colors.
  • DIY Costume Idea: She-Ra, Princess of Power - put on a white sleeveless dress with a tight bodice and full but short skirt. Add gold detail to the dress, a gold belt, gold headpiece and gold bracers (wristbands). Put on white boots and a red cape.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Devil in Disguise - Put a long coat or trenchcoat over a devil outfit and finish it off with a pair of Groucho Marx glasses.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Chiquita/Carmen Miranda - For the hat, start with a tight-fitting turban and attach pieces of fake fruit (can be found in craft stores) using fishing line and/or a glue gun. For your dress, take a plain dress and sew swatches of brightly colored fabric to create a halter-top overlay, hip sash, and ruffles on the sleeves and hem. Carry maracas.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Felicity Shagwell - dress in a blue velvet one piece short racing suit with go-go boots. Your hair should be blonde, and in a long 60s style.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Fish Tank - Take a box sizeable enough to go over around your body (from shoulders to waist). Slash holes for your head and arms. Cover it with fish-printed cloth, or paint/stencil a fish motif. Take black colored electrical tape and caround the edges. Have on over dark-colored shirt and jeans. For more fun, dress yourself in a bluish wig and stick mock fish in it. You can also bring a fish scooper.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Annie Oakley - sport a mid-calf-length leather (or faux leather) skirt, long-sleeved high-necked frilly blouse, along with a western-style leather jacket. Add a cowboy hat and hold a artificial rifle. Put on some medals around your throat.
  • Halloween Trivia: There's a lot to be said about infants given birth to on Halloween. Halloween babies are supposed to enjoy life long safety from evil ghouls.
  • Halloween Trivia: Families would place bowls of cookies outside their houses to satisfy the spirits and prevent them from entering the house, which might be where trick-or-treating came from.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Banana - Choose yellow-colored felt to create two giant banana shapes. Slash an opening in one side for your face, and slots in the edges and bottom for your forearms and legs. Stitch the pieces together and try stuffing to fill it out. Duplicate a Chiquita sticker and fix it to your chest area. Don whitened or straw yellow tights.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Annie Oakley - sport a mid-calf-length leather (or faux leather) skirt, long-sleeved high-necked frilly blouse, together with a western-style leather vest. Include a cowboy hat and bring a artificial rifle. Wear some medals around your neck.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Achilles - Dress yourself in Greek armor, with fur headwrap (mohawk-style helmet), and kneehigh warrior boots or sandals. Lug a sword and shield. Optional: show off a bandage on your heel.
  • Halloween Trivia: Stories from early settlers spread and combined with the values of Indians, who supported satanic ghosts and the black magic beliefs of African slaves.
  • Halloween Trivia: Fledging Halloween activities after the Revolutionary War in US were given new life by an unrivaled number of migrants between 1820 and 1870, particularly the Irish. Indeed, anywhere the Irish went, their rich Halloween folk customs were enthusiastically shared by People in the usa.

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