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Whether you are a fan of the cartoons, the famous TV series, or the movies based on the stories, almost anyone will enjoy wearing one of the different Addams Family costumes. These will allow you to get into a "darker" mode, but to still have a fun and approachable appearance. Consider that any Addams Family costume will be extremely recognizable, will let you wear heavy makeup and a wig, and yet will be comfortable and attention-getting!

The Addams Family  Morticia  Adult Costume
Retail Price: $72.00
Sale Price: $54.07

Addams Family Sexy Wednesday Adult Costume
Retail Price: $83.00
Sale Price: $61.97

The Addams Family Wednesday Child Costume
Retail Price: $38.00
Sale Price: $28.16

Addams Family Sexy Morticia Adult Costume
Retail Price: $83.00
Sale Price: $61.97

The Addams Family Gomez Adult Costume
Retail Price: $57.00
Sale Price: $42.82

The Addams Family  Morticia  Child Costume
Retail Price: $38.00
Sale Price: $28.16

The Addams Family Uncle Fester Child Costume
Retail Price: $41.00
Sale Price: $30.42

Occasionally find yourself feeling a touch hesitant? Whenever you're at a get together, it's not hard to find yourself a touch antisocial. Your imagination is a valuable thing and costumes can be a fabulous path to encourage, inspire and applaud your individual imagination.

Picture yourself displaying an Uncle Fester outfit at your very next event. What words spring to mind? With an Addams Family Sexy Wednesday costume, you can be all you could have always imagined while sporting this classic halloween outfit.

Have a doberman as the babysitter, grow to be prosperous outside your craziest dreams, and scare the lights out of somebody with your new friend, Thing this October. Are you ready for the night of your life? Now let your creativity take flight, and pick from some FantasEyes Professional Eyeshadow, to a Skeleton Loot Scoop, to a Goth Make-up Kit. Don't fail to remember to make your outfit become even more genuine with a Black Satin Strapless Corset, an Addams Family Wednesday Wig, and some Juliet Shoes.

Did You Know?

  • The Addams Family: John Astin was given the option of 2 names for his person, and picked Gomez over Repelli. The son's name was originally going to be Pubert, however was changed to Pugsley mainly because Pubert appeared to be way too sexual.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Willy Wonka and an Oompa Loompa - Willy: wear a top hat, a tux coat with tails (preferably purple or dark red), dark gloves, and a pocket watch. Carry a walking stick and a golden ticket. Oompa Loompa: use make-up to color your face orange and your eyebrows white. Use temporary hair color to make your hair green and gel to make it stick up into a curl. Put on white pants with suspenders, a brown shirt, and brown and white striped socks.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Morticia Addams - dress yourself in a long black dress with flowing sleeves and a trailing hem, long black hair, and pale skin.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Frankie and Annette - wear a Frankenstein mask and carry a net (aquarium, butterfly or whatever). Or even simpler don a nametag that says "Frankie" and carry the net.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Minnie Mouse - put on a red and white polka-dotted skirt, and a black top with a white collar and white belt. Dress yourself in a headband with mouse ears and a red and white polka-dotted bow. Wear white gloves, black shoes and white socks. Use make-up to create whiskers and a mouse nose.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Annie Oakley - slip on a mid-calf-length leather (or faux leather) skirt, long-sleeved high-necked frilly blouse, along with a western-style leather vest. Add on on a cowboy hat and bring a artificial rifle. Show off some medals about your throat.
  • Costume Making: Velcro is actually a highly used item. You'll be able to glue, sew or stick
  • Halloween Trivia: There's a lot to be said about babies born on Halloween. Halloween infants are meant to enjoy permanent protection from wicked ghosts.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Daylight Savings Time - Affix springs to a headband (make them out of wire or pipe cleaners covered in aluminum foil); secure foliage to the back of your shirt: Spring A-Head -- Fall Back.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Evander Holyfield - Dress as a boxer. Place gauze around your head and over one ear. Have plenty of artificial blood seeping through the bandages where your ear is (or rather, was).
  • DIY Costume Idea: Felicity Shagwell - wear a bluish velvet one piece short racing suit with go-go boots. Your hair should be blonde, and in a lengthy 60s style.
  • Special Effects: Use vaseline using white tissues on top of them to duplicate blisters.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Annette Funnyjello - have on a net at your head and take a bowl of Jello along with a silly face colored on it.

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