Animal Mask

Sheep Mask Child
Retail Price: $5.00
Sale Price: $3.90

Horse Mask Child
Retail Price: $5.00
Sale Price: $3.90

The Muppets Animal Deluxe Overhead Latex Mask Adult
Retail Price: $78.00
Sale Price: $58.50

Go Rilla Mask
Retail Price: $75.00
Sale Price: $56.10

Bear Mask
Retail Price: $5.00
Sale Price: $3.90

Economy Pig Adult Mask
Retail Price: $42.00
Sale Price: $31.20

Cow Mask
Retail Price: $5.00
Sale Price: $3.90

Shrek Forever After - Donkey 3/4 Vinyl Adult Mask
Retail Price: $27.00
Sale Price: $20.49

Wishes and dreams are not intended to linger within our thoughts; they're created for action. How would you like to make a desire come true for a evening? Halloween is the ideal night to have your aspirations become a reality, and getting into a perfect costume is the right way to do that.

It is said that the perfect outfit is meant specifically for the person sporting it, and the new masked party costume is designed for you. And with a Go Rilla Mask, you're definitely a winner.

Pursue romantically Camilla the Chicken, be a daredevil, and become the target of spoiled tomatoes as well as ridicule this October. Are you ready for the night of your life? Party collections are not only for . Get yourself a Monsters Lil" Frankie outfit and you will be completely happy you did. Our company has heaps of add-ons, from a Black Makeup Stick to a Voice Changer, to help you finalize your authentic look.

Did You Know?

  • Muppet: An eponymous movie authored by Jason Segel as well as Nicholas Stoller as well as directed by James Bobin was launched on November 23, 2012? for much critical recognition as well as advertisement achievements.
  • Muppet: In the Muppets Show, both the elderly men within the balcony are actually Statler and Waldorf, called after a couple of Nyc motels. Statler is actually the taller, thinner one. Waldorf has a round head and also is actually shorter. Waldorf's wife is known as Astoria, following the well-known Waldorf - Astoria Motel
  • Muppet: The Muppets are a group of puppet figures produced by "The Muppeteer" superstar Jim Henson starting in 1954-55. Although the term is usually used to refer to any puppet that resembles the distinctive design of The Muppet Show, the word is both a casual name and also legal trademark belonging to The Walt Disney Corporation in reference to the original characters created by Henson.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Lawn - dress in green clothes. Make a vest out of synthetic grass (available from a home improvement store). Attach a Frisbee, tennis ball, dog bone, fake doggie-do, etc. Carry around a pink flamingo lawn ornament.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Alphabet Soup - Clothe your body in scarlet or dark-colored orange gear. Cut letters out of paper and attach them all over yourself. Make a giant spoon out of aluminum-foil-covered cardboard and bring it with you.
  • Halloween Trivia: It once was thought infants brought into this world on this day can see and communicate with ghosts and spirits, called the gift of second sight.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Angel - dress in a white shimmery dress, white-colored leggings, and light ballerina slippers. Make a halo out of wire covered in maribou. Fashion wings from wire covered with lightweight cloth, cover with white feathers, and stick with straps around the arms and shoulders (like backpack straps).
  • DIY Costume Idea: Annie - Little Orphan Annie wears a crimson dress with white-colored trim at the waist and round the collar, hem and sleeves, with pure white leggings, black colored footwear, and short curly reddish hair.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Be-Bop Girl - dress in a short strapless red dress, along with a black colored choker, dark-colored heels, plus a short curly dark-colored wig, with curls framing your mouth. Put on bright scarlet lip stick.
  • Halloween Trivia: The history of slipping into halloween ensembles and going out "guising" or trick-or-treating at Halloween derived from Christian routines crafted in England during the 15th century.

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