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Beavis And Butthead - Butthead Adult Costume
Retail Price: $75.00
Sale Price: $56.34

Beavis And Butthead - Beavis Adult Costume
Retail Price: $75.00
Sale Price: $56.34

Sometimes find yourself feeling a touch anti-social? When you find yourself at a get-together, it's often a tiny bit challenging to understand how to socialize. You need time for you- even at least one day- when no person has to recognize just who you are, and putting on a perfect costume grants you the opportunity to express the person you hardly ever become.

Changing into an individual you would love to be is precisely what Halloween revolves around. A Beavis costume will give you the change you require. And with a Butthead ensemble, you're always in the cat seat.

Your heart is pounding, your head racing, you're overflowing with adrenaline as Halloween is closer than you think. Just what are you intending to dress yourself in? Outfits are not just for at your very next festival. Get yourself some Zit Tattoos and you will undoubtedly be glad you did. People will definitely believe your party costume if you add a Voice Changer, an Inflatable Guitar, or some Loafer Shoes.

Did You Know?

  • Beavis and Butthead: Daria Morgendorffer's exclusively held a single significant role on the show.
  • Beavis and Butthead: The crazy farmer is identical to the formerly seen janitor persona that has appeared at each Highland High School and the shopping center.
  • Beavis and Butthead: Foothill High School in Henderson, Nevada had been originally going to be referred to as Highland High School prior to its conclusion. However the name was modified during creation to prevent comparisons to the program.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Elmer's Glue - dress in all white clothes, with a bright-orange beanie. Stuff the beanie to give it a pointy look, similar to an Elmer's Glue bottle cap. Attach a bunch of miscellaneous items all over your body.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Civil War Soldier - Union soldiers have on black color blue trousers and jacket with gold buttons and gold trim at the cuffs, light blue flat-topped hat with crossed rifle insignia, boots, and bears a sword or long rifle. Confederate soldiers slip on grey trousers together with a short gray jacket with gold cuffs and collar, greyish flat-topped hat with crossed rifle insignia, boots, and holds a lengthy rifle.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Beatnik - have on a beret, with your locks slicked back, dark-colored skinny sun spectacles, a tightly fitted charcoal turtleneck, tight jet black pants, plus a set of pointy flats. Carry some bongo drums together with a book of poetry.
  • DIY Costume Idea: a newborn including a Bare Behind - Dress similar to a a baby (diaper, bib, pacifier on a necklace, bonnet, etcetera.) then fix a teddy bear to your back (choose straps to take it like a backpack). Now you're a a toddler together with a "Bear" Behind!
  • DIY Costume Idea: Angry Mob - Someone dresses up as Frankenstein's monster. Every person else arrives as villagers with ragged gear and rope belts, carrying pitchforks and torches. Torches could be prepared from a little bit of lumber with different colored crafts paper glued to the shirt.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Bird - Quick and Easy - Select a colorful function hat (one of the pointy cardboard ones with the flexible band that goes beneath your chin). Wear it on your face like a beak.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Annette Funnyjello - sport a net on your head and take a bowl of Jello along with a silly face colored on it.

Our wide mixture will allow you to be your treasured action hero this October. By the way, this month's highlighted products are: some Braces and a Daria ensemble. Have a blast!

CurvedI444: The product is the funniest stuff Get this one at this very moment.

EtherealABC1917: Our big event is Saturday night and it feels like nothing is completed, so much to do....aaargh.Whole cemetery to put up on the back lawn (won't happen till Saturday), pumpkins to carve, whole shopping trip to make and food to prepare, placing all the lights, swapping out indoor items for decor. So...many...things....right about now the "MUST HURRY" mode is starting to kick in heh, trying to relax and know it will all get done..somehow, but Saturday till 7 pm is going to be a straight out sprint more than likely, ack.At least will get to relax on proper Halloween and watch some films, check out other attractions and such seeing as we get basically 5 ToT's around here and inviting kids to backyard wouldn't exactly fly.

SawyerW1951: the item is most definitely the most fantastic one!!! LOL

CohenAlma1984: yes, PLZ. =] LOL omg i am so into it!