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Cad Bane Costume

Kids and adults alike love the different Star Wars films and programs. This is one of the reasons that such unusual characters as Cad Bane are so widely known and why Cad Bane costumes are a popular option around Halloween. A Cad Bane costume may come with the distinctive hat and garments worn by this galactic gunslinger, but it is going to be absolutely essential to also acquire the different guns and weapons used by this character in his work as a bounty hunter.

Star Wars Clone Wars Cad Bane Trooper Child Costume
Retail Price: $42.00
Sale Price: $31.55

Clone Wars - Deluxe Cad Bane Adult Costume
Retail Price: $98.00
Sale Price: $73.24

Star Wars Clone Wars Deluxe Cad Bane Trooper Child Costume
Retail Price: $65.00
Sale Price: $48.44

Juggling more than one life can be a tiny bit challenging, but what happens if you could get to live some other life for one day per year? Donning a perfect outfit a single day a year will transform your life indefinitely.

It's said that your outfit is meant especially for the person showing off it, and the popular Star Wars party costume is meant for you. Stroll into the spot light by dressed in a Clone Wars Cad Bane Trooper ensemble.

When you're in line at the bank, do you think of battling for freedom? Party outfits are not just for . Get yourself some Clone Wars Clone Trooper and Obi Wan Gloves and you will undoubtedly be happy you did. Our site has plenty of extras, from some Control Top Pantyhose to some Captain Boots, to help you perfect your look.

Did You Know?

  • Star Wars: Luke Skywalker joins with a team of other rebels to attempt to rescue Princess Leia who has fallen into the clutches of the Empire and more specifically, Darth Vader.
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  • Mask History: During ancient Rome the word persona meant 'a mask'; this also referred to someone that possessed official Roman citizenship. A citizen will be able to prove the person's lineage thru images, death masks of the forefathers. They were wax casts kept in a lararium, the family memorial.
  • Halloween Trivia: Some Protestant Followers observe Halloween as Reformation Day, a day to recollect the Protestant Reformation, alongside All Hallow’s Eve or independently from it. Sometimes, "Gathering Fairs" or "Reformation Celebrations" are held, in which small children dress up as characters from the Bible or Reformers.
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  • DIY Costume Idea: Betsy Ross - show off a plain lengthy dress including a white-colored shawl tied about your neck along with a white colored kitchen apron. Include a white-colored "mop" hat. Carry an old-fashioned flag with needle and thread.
  • DIY Costume Idea: All Thumbs - Take some latex gloves and slice off the thumbs. Stuff them with sand, neck tie them shut, and secure them all over your outfit.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Elf - show off just about any kind of garments that have Christmas colors, with a knit cap with a tassel at the end, and footwear with turned-up toes. Carry a long "Naughty or Nice" list.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Almond Joy and Mounds Bar - The man is the Almond Joy and the woman is the Mounds Bar (you know how the jingle goes). To make each costume, turn to cloth (light blue for Almond Joy and Scarlet for Mounds) to make tunics that fit over your bodies. Next put a width of vivid white cloth down the front, including a smaller stripe (crimson for Almond Joy and bluish for Mounds) on the left. Turn to black colored felt to spell out the candy name (copy from the candy bar wrapper). Include the "Peter Paul" logos and you are done!
  • DIY Costume Idea: Blind Tennis Player - sport tennis clothes with black color eye glasses together with a blind man's cane. Cut multiple tennis balls in two pieces and secure them all over your body. Add bruises, bloody marks, etc.

We carry many hundreds of costumes for both adults and kids for you to select from, in various dimensions and designs. By the way, today's highlighted halloween ensembles are: a Super Darth Vader Mask and an Anakin and Luke Skywalker Lightsaber. FunCostumeStore is YOUR play ground - go out there and enjoy!