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Edward Scissorhands Costume

Though the film is almost two decades old, Edward Scisshorhands is still a very well-known and popular film. Every Halloween there are still many people choosing Edward Scissorhands costumes and pretending to be this misunderstood and fascinating character. An Edward Scissorhands costume is going to feature the famous scissor-hands and the unusual garments. Remember that a good wig and some skillfully applied white and black face paint will complete this unique look.

Grand Heritage Edward Scissorhands Adult Costume
Retail Price: $300.00
Sale Price: $225.34

Edward Scissorhands - Miss Scissorhands Adult Costume
Retail Price: $83.00
Sale Price: $61.97

Edward Scissorhands Adult Costume
Retail Price: $75.00
Sale Price: $56.34

If you could be anybody one night a year, who would you wind up being? Because Halloween is thought to be a mystical time of changing bodies, why not tackle the magic tricks and plunge into a perfect outfit?

What's more exciting than arriving in a Grand Heritage Edward Scissorhands ensemble on Halloween? Leap towards a new existence with a Miss Scissorhands outfit.

Is your nose stuck in a book of bold adventures that involve becoming exactly who you have always wished to feel, having a whole lot more fun in your life, or being the bees knees? How would you like all those adventures to be real? Take pleasure in daily life a little more with the help of a striking rockin' party costume. There is definitely one that's just excellent for you. Get your time to stand out from the crowd. Exactly what is Halloween if you're not fully dolled up in the part? We also hold some Loafer Shoes, a Xotic Eyes Midnight Eye Kit, and some Super Hero Boots to improve your fantastic party outfit.

Did You Know?

  • DIY Costume Idea: Snoopy the Flying Ace - dress in white clothes. Make a tail out of white felt. Use brown fake leather to create an aviator cap. Add some black felt goggles with blue felt "lenses" (attached to the top of the helmet). Sport a long scarf around your neck and use wire to give a "wind-blown" effect. Use make-up to give yourself a white face with a black nose. Optional: Use a cardboard box to create a dog house that fits over the lower portion of your body, with stuffed dog legs around your waist.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Anthrax Investigator - sport a gas disguise, a long yellowish overcoat, and white-colored gloves.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Angry Mob - One person dresses up as Frankenstein's monster. Everyone else dresses as villagers with ragged clothes and rope belts, carrying pitchforks and torches. Torches could be created from a bit of lumber with different colored design cardboard glued to the tank top.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Death by Chocolate - Make a Grim Reaper robe out of black brown cloth. Include a Hershey's logo to the back of the robe. Paint your face white colored or show off a reaper halloween mask. Bring a scythe (and plenty of chocolate candy to hand out!).
  • Halloween Trivia: When early residents arrived in US, they shared their belief in goblins.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Anne Boleyn - wear a 16th century period dress with Anne's distinctive look--a lowcut square neckline. Include a veil with headpiece. Paint a slash on your throat with blood dripping down, or buy a cosmetic "slit throat" and attach it on with body stick.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Al Capone - wear a dark-colored Forties style suit, with white fedora. Secure a large cigar between your teeth and hold a gun.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Dolly Parton - Clothe your body in a snug, short, low-cut, long-sleeved sparkly dress, with high heel pumps. Stuff the bust as needed to achieve Dolly's figure. Dress in lengthy, shaggy, bleach-blonde hair with bangs. Have on plenty of make up and super-long scarlet fingernails. Optional: take a guitar or microphone.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Deal or No Deal - The "host" (the boss?) might wear a jet black suit including a purple shirt, a bald cap, and a soul patch. The girls dress yourself in dresses which are most of the same color, and take metal briefcases with numbers on them (mock briefcases might be made out of silver-painted cardboard). Someone ought to be the banker (clothe yourself in an all darkish suit, with black color hair and black make up on your skin), and others needs to be contestants.

Pick from our innumerable costume possibilities for your exciting shindig. Don't forget, this will be your brand new outfit you will sport time and again at costume parties, or perhaps to shock people at ordinary parties! You will discover just the right halloween outfit for YOU or that special loved-one.