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Garfield Child Costume
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Garfield Infant / Toddler Costume
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Wishes and ambitions aren't supposed to remain within our thoughts; they're intended for action. How would you like to make a fantasy become a reality for a night? Halloween is an awesome evening to have your aspirations become a reality, and being dressed in the perfect outfit is a great way to make that happen.

Nothing is likely to bring the wonder of Halloween out like the stylin Garfield costume. For people who choose to live life on the crazy side, the Garfield halloween costume is likely to draw out the devil in you.

Word of caution: when you grab some Cat Whiskers, you might awaken the day after remembering how you pushed your edge just a little, ventured just beyond your safe place and made yourself as well as others joyful. Take pleasure in daily life a bit more with a stunning rockin' outfit. There's definitely one that's just perfect for you. Take your chance to shine. Truly go all the way for your up coming party; boost your party outfit with a Face Painting Makeup Disguise Stix.

Did You Know?

  • DIY Costume Idea: Drew Carey - put on a suit and tie. Your hair should be blonde with a short flat-top haircut. Dress in heavy-framed black glasses.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Naval Lint - put on an old navy uniform. Attach dryer lint to your face and clothes.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Anteater - Use brown felt to create a cone-nosed face mask that ties behind your head. Slice eye gaps and add on two ears. Slip on all brown gear.
  • Halloween Trivia: The practice of Guising at Halloween in America is initial recorded in 1911, when a newspaper in Kingston, Ontario reported children going "guising" around the neighborhood.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Anna Nicole Smith - Wear skimpy gear with heavy scarlet lipstick and blonde medium length hair. Enhance your bust as necessary. Carry diet pill bottles.
  • Halloween Trivia: costume activities normally lands on or close to October 31, typically falling on the Friday or Saturday prior to Halloween.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Can-Can Dancer - dress yourself in an old, long, frilly skirt. Glue empty cans underneath so that when you lift it up to dance everybody will see your can-cans!
  • DIY Costume Idea: Eve - wear flesh-colored underwear along with a flesh-colored bra. Affix some strategically-placed faux foliage. Bring an apple.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Andy Warhol - dress in shaggy blond hair with bangs and dark colored roots about the temples. Darken your eyebrows. Wear a jet black turtleneck, skinny slacks and boots. Optional: carry a can of Campbell's tomato soup.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Always a Bridesmaid - have on an unwanted, tattered bridesmaid dress, with torn stockings, messy hair, smeared make up, along with a crooked bridal veil on your head. Take a busted-up bouquet of flowers that were obviously stolen inside the bride.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Bum - show off dirty, mismatched items, "high-water" jeans, suspenders, and an out of date hat. Color your nose crimson and give your body a five o'clock shadow (rubbing your mouth with burnt cork is effective).

We've got hundreds of costumes for both adults and kids for you to select from, in several shapes and designs. With a little something for everyone, our site is one-stop shopping at its finest. You can be anything you wish for hallow's eve or that fantastic costume shindig - so "just do it"!

CarpetNevaeh: u need to get it 4 your self!!! woohoo!! it's my latest fave pick!!! Come check out this item immediately!

LennonGonzalez: Help please!!! This is our second year doing a halloween party for our teenagers. Our theme this year is a haunted carnival type of deal...haven't thought of a name for it yet. I am running seriously behind. We would like to make a haunted walk thru in our driveway using ez-ups and maybe black plastic sheeting hanging down. Does anyone have any good ideas for the little hallways that you would walk thru? I was thinking of trying to find some black checkered sheeting for one hallway and maybe trying to find a friend to dress up as a clown in checkered clothes and blend into the wall and scare them as they walk by. But seeing as I am not that creative I need more ideas. What better place to come to than the most imaginative site on the web??TIA

SparklingSato : Spirit has a whole section this year on carnival stuff. You should take a look. Also if you are looking for names .... Cirque De Spook, CarnEvil, Carnivale De Mystique. Use skeletons as the carnival workers. Make aged carnival attraction signs, etc. So much comes to mind with this one.

CurlyDraven: what do you guys think of this idea that i just came up with?my goal is to go out to the bars/clubs, have a lot of fun, and use my pua skills to pick up a hot girl.
get a white shirt and a black marker and write spiderman on the front and back. girls come up say thats not a very good spiderman costume. and i respond with an "arm motion" and then spray spiderwebbing that i have up rolled up in my hand all over their toes. its kind of crude but i think it will work, cuz ive met multiple girls who love the term spider web! they think its hilarious. plus its easy, cheap, creative, and funny. also, i think it might create attn because people will be like wtf kind of spiderman costume is that. or maybe i should write spider web man on the shirt.

NutritiousKingston: yes plz!!! omg! How much money do these items sell for? I need ten of those things!!

Promise-Tulip: hello!! Come look at this thing 4 real. it's my latest number one!!! i <3 that (>_<)