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Jersey Shore Costumes

Head on down to the shore with a few of your buddies and dress in Jersey Shore costumes to take your fun to the next level of wild. When it comes to Halloween costumes Jersey Shore offers a wide range of choices for both fans and haters of the show. Dress up as The Situation in a muscle-baring costume that will let you show off your stuff, even if that stuff is stuffing in a costume. A Jersey Shore Snooki costume will let the ladies primp and preen their long dark hair while a pushup bra does the rest of the work.

Jersey Shore - Nicole "Snooki" Adult Costume
Retail Price: $47.00
Sale Price: $35.10

Jersey Shore - Mike "The Situation" Adult Costume
Retail Price: $23.00
Sale Price: $17.55

Jersey Shore - Paul "DJ Pauly D" Adult Costume
Retail Price: $23.00
Sale Price: $17.55

Jersey Shore JWoWW White Halter Lace Dress Adult Costume
Retail Price: $66.00
Sale Price: $49.14

Jersey Shore - Mike "The Situation" Muscle Adult Costume
Retail Price: $41.00
Sale Price: $30.42

Jersey Shore Snooki Pink & Black Leopard Print Adult Costume
Retail Price: $50.00
Sale Price: $37.19

Jersey Shore JWoWW Red Dress Adult Costume
Retail Price: $63.00
Sale Price: $47.33

Are you wanting to seem more authoritative? The perfect outfit can give you a way to do it. Costumes allow us to reveal an alternative aspect of ourselves

Converting into a particular person you would love to be is precisely what Halloween is focused on. A Mike "The Situation" Muscle ensemble will give you the change you require. They are actually approved Jersey Shore party costumes, which make neat options for both adults and kids.

Do you remember how one time in a day dream you may have stretched your boundaries a little, expressed yourself, or even astonished your friends and relatives? Regardless of whether you're wanting to sport a Hip Hop Big Links Metal Bracelet, a Nicole "Snooki" Wig or some Glamour Mascara, our comprehensive selection of halloween costumes is certain to make an impression. Don't fail to remember to have your party outfit become a lot more realistic and lifelike with a Black Cross Necklace, some Brook Shoes, and some Cake Foundation.

Did You Know?

  • DIY Costume Idea: Vincent Van Gogh - Dress up in an artist smock and beret. Carry a paintbrush, palette, or even a Van Gogh painting. Cover one ear with bandages.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Mr. Clean and Housewife - He wears white pants, white t-shirt, white shoes, gold loop earring and a bald head. She dresses like a housewife who is cleaning: hair in a bandanna, sleeves rolled up, rubber gloves, carrying a bucket, etc.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Anteater - Turn to brown felt to create a cone-nosed halloween mask that ties behind your head. Slash eye slots and add two ears. Put on all brown items.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Cherry - sport all green and secure a scarlet balloon to each side of your body.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Deadbeat - Clothe your body in black color and show off fresh beets hanging all over you, with plastic knifes impaled in each one.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Door Mat - dress in all charcoal gear or a dark-colored sweat suit. Iron on good sized white letters or go with first aid tape to spell "WELCOME" across your chest area. Use a pair of classic shoes to create foot prints in either brown color or actual mud across your belly area. Stick a newspaper to your shoulder. And of course to paste a house key to your back!
  • Mask History: The illustration of contrasting Comedy and Tragedy masks have been widely used to stand for the Performing Arts, and specifically Theatre.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Carrot - put on an orange sweat suit. Color your face green and rat your hair and spray with temporary green hair color.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Car Air Freshener - Take two pieces of pine green felt (or other thick cloth) and slice into identical Christmas tree shapes, big enough to cover over your body from your thighs to the top of your head. Fasten them together, leaving gaps for your arms and legs, with an opening chop into the front for your face. Decorate the front and bottom with labels, copying a real car air freshener. Secure a bit of white-colored cord to the tank-top as a general hanger.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Angry Mob - One person dresses up as Frankenstein's monster. Everybody else arrives as villagers with ragged clothes and rope belts, carrying pitchforks and torches. Torches could be created from a little bit of lumber with different colored card-board glued to the jacket.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Bonnie and Clyde - The woman might wear a "Roaring 20s" dress, with long jet black gloves and cigarette in a long holder. He is wearing a dark colored double-breasted pinstriped suit, with hat, and holds a gun.
  • Mask History: Face masks are used almost globally and keep their ability as well as mystery for both their own wearers as well as their followers.The enduring popularity of using masks at carnival, as well as for kids during get-togethers and then for festivals like Hallow's eve are perfect examples.

You will see terrific party collections for young children, in addition to a variety of regular and attractive adult costumes. Don't forget, this will be your new costume you'll use many times at costume parties, or even to surprise everyone at ordinary parties! You'll uncover an ideal party costume for YOU or that special loved-one.