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Kenny Powers Costume

Take me out to the ballgame, er, classroom? If you or someone you know is a fan of HBO's Eastbound and Down, check out our Kenny Powers costumes for Halloween. Our selection includes the features any fan would expect in a great Kenny Powers costume: bushy black mullet, signature sunglasses and redkneck duds, as well as those well-known Atlanta #55 jerseys. Impress all your friends with a costume that transforms you into a television star.

Mullet (Brown) Wig Adult
Retail Price: $12.00
Sale Price: $9.01

Super Mullet (Blonde) Wig Adult
Retail Price: $30.00
Sale Price: $22.50

Super Mullet (Dark Brown) Adult
Retail Price: $26.00
Sale Price: $19.23

Clown Mullet Adult Wig
Retail Price: $27.00
Sale Price: $20.24

If you could travel into the past or soar into the future, who'd you wind up being? Every time is a wonderful time for you to show off a mask - be it Hallowe'en, an event, or merely because you'd like to delight families at the office!

Would you appear magnificent being dressed up in a Super Mullet Wig? By choosing for yourself a Clown Mullet Wig, you will turn any party into something extra special and fun.

Exactly what can make your heart beat even faster facing up to Cthulhu, acquiring pinkeye from Scott Baio, or taking part in the Super Best Friends? Gather your buddies and family together and reproduce the exceptional ensemble from Kenny Powers. And get any number of halloween costume accessories - such as a Santa Belly or some Shackles - for the complete overall look!

Did You Know?

  • South Park: A running gag most prevalent during the first five seasons of the series, Kenny would die in most episodes before returning in the next with little or no definitive explanation given.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Shrek and Fiona - For both, use green make-up on all exposed skin. Fashion ogre ears out of green fabric or craft foam and either attach to a green headband or use small hair clips to attach them to your head. Shrek wears a bald wig colored green, a white tunic-style long-sleeved shirt, a brown vest, brown belt, dark green or brown pants, and brown shoes. Fiona wears a red wig, green dress and jewelry.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Casablanca Cutie - put on a trenchcoat, detective black hat, gloves and black shoes. Don make-up like they did in the 1940s. Maybe even carry around some luggage.
  • Halloween Tips: If a monster is running after you, don't go into an abandoned dwelling up to the highest floor. There is no way to get out aside from jumping.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Anthrax Investigator - put on a gas mask, a long light yellow overcoat, and white colored gloves.
  • Halloween Trivia: Throughout the uk, the change of the weather following Oct can bring unknown changes. Shorter days, cooler temperatures, and the need to take in much more food to make it through the approaching cold weather were all circumstances that coincided with Halloween. Incorporate this reality with the thinking that spirits came back to the planet on Halloween, and you can see our European ancestors had a real predicament: the need to venture out in the dark paired with a fear of ghouls.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Anna Nicole Smith and Classic Man in a Wheelchair - Anna might wear a long, blond wig, a low-cut sleeveless dress, and, if necessary, a stuffed bra. The old man has wrinkles drawn on his face, sprays his hair gray or wears a gray comb-over wig, a light t shirt, and trousers rather high up on his waist. The guy sits in a wheelchair and Anna wheels him round.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Alien Host - This will reproduce the scene from the motion picture Aliens, where an infant alien has burst through the chest of one of the characters. You'll need to choose clay or something similar to duplicate the chestburster (a worm-like creature with teeth). Color it after that cover it with phony blood. Slice an opening in the middle of your clothes so it looks like the alien is bursting through your upper body. Splatter mock blood round the hole.
  • Halloween Trivia: Episodes of regularly watched tv series and Halloween-themed specials (with the specials ordinarily targeted at children) are typically aired on or prior to Halloween, although new horror films are often released theatrically just before Halloween to take advantage of the atmosphere.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Bottle of Champagne - Try black color green cloth or a black color green trash bag to form a bottle shape that fits over your torso. Chop openings for your biceps and neck and stuff with newscard-boards to make a rounded shape. Duplicate the label from your preferred brand of Champagne and fix to your chest area. Sport a brown beanie with wire wrapped round to simulate the cork.

You will be the bees knees with one of these quality party ensembles. With some thing for everybody, our halloween costume store is one-stop shopping at its best. FunCostumeStore is YOUR slice of heaven - go out there and enjoy!