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Obi Wan Kenobi Costume

Obi Wan Kenobi costumes rank as one of the most frequently chosen by fans of the Star Wars films and cartoons. Interestingly enough, an Obi Wan costume will vary according to which film it is based on. For instance, an "original" Obi Wan Kenobi costume will feature the elderly version of the Jedi and require a white wig and heavy robes as well as the distinctive light saber. The newer version would feature a red wig, cropped hair and totally different robes.

Star Wars Animated Deluxe Obi Wan Kenobi Child Costume
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Star Wars Animated Obi Wan Kenobi Adult Costume
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Star Wars Clone Wars Clone Trooper/ Obi Wan Gloves Adult
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Star Wars Animated Obi Wan Kenobi Child Costume
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Star Wars Clone Wars Clone Trooper/Obi Wan Child Gloves
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Star Wars Clone Wars Deluxe Obi Wan Kenobi Adult Costume
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Star Wars (Episode One) Obi Wan FX Lightsaber
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You'll see those films where people wake up in a completely different body. How would you like to trade lives with someone else, but have the ability to flip back whenever you would like? Because Halloween is thought to be a mystical time of switching bodies, why not master the magic tricks and hop into a creative outfit?

Would you be outstanding getting into some Clone Wars Clone Trooper and Obi Wan Gloves? You'll get dressed to make an impact in some Clone Wars Clone Trooper and Obi Wan Gloves, part of a collection that contains stunning collections made particularly for you.

Exactly what do you want to have in a halloween costume? Do you desire to be kissed by your sister and fight for independence? Regardless of whether you feel like going out slipping into an Animated Anakin Skywalker costume or a Jedi Robe, an awesome party costume is in this store, waiting for you. If perhaps you would like to win the very best Halloween party outfit, you can't fail to remember to accessorize. You'll find some Captain Boots, some Loafer Shoes, and a Darth Vader Pail.

Did You Know?

  • Star Wars: Created and conceived by George Lucas, Star Wars has become not only one of the most popular movie series on record, but is a well-known pop culture phenomenon as well.
  • Star Wars:

    In the original film, significant characters in Star Wars are introduced.
  • Star Wars: Army troops deployed in hostile climates are likely to fit their helmets with olive-grey hood-masks similar to the white versions worn by the stormtroopers who fought on Hoth.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Robin Hood - put on brown leggings, a brown long-sleeve shirt, and a green tunic with a brown belt. Make a green cap out of felt and add a feather. Make cuffed boot tops out of brown suede. Carry a bow and a quiver of arrows.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Anne Boleyn - put on a 16th century period dress with Anne's distinctive look--a lowcut square neckline. Include a veil with head wind. Color a slash on your throat with blood dripping down, or buy a cosmetic "slit throat" and glue it on with body paste.
  • DIY Costume Idea: 50s Girl - slip on a poodle skirt with crinoline (petticoat), Peter Pan-collared shirt, big belt, chiffon scarf around your neck, hair in a pigtail tied with a scarf, cat's eye glasses, and saddle shoes with light hosiery.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Bad School Picture - Choose a piece of posterboard or a cardboard box to create a substantial frame that will fit about your head and upper body. Sport some shabby gear and make your mouth and hair look as ugly as possible, i.e., pimples, bad make up, etcetera. Optional: Fashion a pretend retainer out of wire.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Annie Oakley - show off a mid-calf-length leather (or faux leather) skirt, long-sleeved high-necked frilly shirt, with a western-style leather jacket. Add a cowboy hat and take a mock rifle. Dress in some medals about your neck.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Classic Ping-Ponger - show off shorts that come above the knees, with tube hosiery that have one or two colored stripes at the top. Include on a headband, a pair of wristbands, and some classic tennis footwear. Have your paddle in the back of your shorts take a handful of ping-pong balls.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Devil and Pregnant Angel - He dresses as a devil. She (being pregnant) arrives as an angel. She can show off a sign or mark on the belly of her party costume "The Devil Made Me Do It!"
  • DIY Costume Idea: Caterpillar - sport a green sweatsuit. Gather the material at various intervals and turn to fiberfill stuffing to puff out sections (stitch lightly to keep stuffing in place). Create antennae by attaching two green pipe cleaners to a headband.
  • Halloween Trivia: Along with face masks and outfits and, arguably, as a forerunner to todays trick-or-treating, the Celts would supply meals to Saman to persuade him to be mild when he judged their ancestors. In addition, the Celts would lay out snacks for their weary ancestors journeying to the underworld or to please ghosts who were looking for to bother the living (Rogers 2002). Since these roaming ghosts were believed to know the mysteries of the underworld and the future, Celtic priests, or Druids, believed that divinations could be read with much more clarity on this unique day.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Angel - slip on a vivid white shimmery dress, dazzling white leggings, and white-colored ballerina slippers. Make a halo out of wire covered in maribou. Fashion wings from wire covered with thin fabric, cover with white-colored feathers, and paste with straps round the biceps and shoulders (like backpack straps).

Choose from our many hundreds of costume choices for your exciting celebration. Consider, this will certainly be your new outfit you'll slip on time and again at costume parties, or even to surprise people at typical parties! You will find a great halloween outfit for YOU or that special loved-one.