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Behind a fan of feathers or a glittering veil, someome of the sexiest of all Halloween costumes are the different types of showgirl costumes. Just consider that a showgirl costume might include the classic "Can Can" dancer or it could be a Burlesque dancer instead. There are all kinds of styles and options, and with the right accessories you can make your version steamier and sexier than ever. We have feather boas and fans, high boots and shoes, gorgeous makeup and wigs, and everything else a good showgirl needs.

Burlesque Dancer Adult Costume
Retail Price: $78.00
Sale Price: $58.48

Macabre Burlesque - Dita Von Death Adult Costume
Retail Price: $76.00
Sale Price: $56.74

Showgirl Adult Costume
Retail Price: $108.00
Sale Price: $80.89

Burlesque Babe Adult Costume
Retail Price: $174.00
Sale Price: $130.14

Burlesque Victorian Vampiress Adult Costume
Retail Price: $99.00
Sale Price: $74.10

Burlesque Babe Adult Plus Costume
Retail Price: $175.00
Sale Price: $131.49

If you could blast through history or whizz into the future, who'd you end up being? Flashing your brand new outfit is one of the most familiar and identifiable practices that dates back thousands of years, to commemorate one of the earliest holidays, Halloween.

Wanting to find something to put on this halloween that suits just your style? The showgirls halloween costume is one to fulfill every one of your desires. Going in a gaggle this halloween merits a design. Wouldn't it be perfect for you to stroll outside all dressed up in Show Girl halloween ensembles!

You'd better be ready to to convince guys in spending their cash, and possiby even sing as a job. Help to make yourself look and feel sensational with a Cake Eyeliner Pan that you choose. Play with various appearances. You currently have your halloween costume and now is the best time to choose what looks the very best. Check out some Juliet Shoes, some Black Eyelashes, and a Velvet Choker and make the most out of your experience.

Did You Know?

  • Show Girl: Go-go dancing originated in the early 1960s when women at the Peppermint Lounge in New York City began to get up on tables and dance the twist. There were many 1960s-era miniskirted clubgoers who wore what came to be called go-go boots to night clubs, so night club promoters in the mid-1960s conceived the idea of hiring them to entertain the patrons.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Dryer Lint - don a sweatsuit inside out. Attach fabric softener sheets all over yourself.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Starbucks Coffee Cup - Find a round white laundry basket with a lid. Cut out the bottom and suspend the basket from your shoulders with straps. Attach the lid securely to a hat. Copy the logo of your favorite coffee company and attach to the front of the basket. Don all brown clothes.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Babe-raham Lincoln - dress in a short skirt, sexy jacket over a bra, stovepipe hat, tall charcoal boots, along with a bow tie. Paste pennies to the hat, bow tie and bra. Secure mock five dollar bills to your skirt.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Art Lovers - Everyone dresses up as famed paintings. Have one of you slip on a long brown wig, a lengthy brown dress and a smirk (Mona Lisa). Splatter someone with color (Jackson Pollock painting). Have someone wear darkish blue and paint pure white swirls and stars (Starry Night). And have someone wear a suit and a little bowler hat including a picture of a green apple on his face (RenvvȬ¨¬© Magritte).
  • DIY Costume Idea: Cigarette Girl - have on a snug dark or crimson spaghetti-strap or strapless dress together with a short flouncy skirt. Include stockings, high heels and a small "bell-hop" hat tilted on your head. Sport your locks in a 50s hair do, with loads of reddish lipstick. Carry a smallish tray fixed to a strap round your throat, with cigarettes, gum, cigars, and so forth.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Austrian Girl - dress in a midriff shirt with puffed sleeves, dirndl (dress along with a tight bodice, low neck and full skirt), and an kitchen apron.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Andy Warhol - dress yourself in shaggy blond hair with bangs and dark colored roots about the temples. Darken your eyebrows. Don a dark turtleneck, skinny jeans and boots. Optional: bring a can of Campbell's tomato soup.
  • Halloween Trivia: Primarily confined to the immigrant residential areas during the mid-19th century, Halloween was gradually immersed into mainstream modern society and by the first ten years of the Twentieth century it was getting observed shore to coast by people of all cultural, racial and faith based backgrounds.

You'll be the bees knees with one of these fascinating outfits. Keep in mind this week's featured party costumes are: a Burlesque Dancer outfit and a Burlesque Victorian Vampiress ensemble. The more I think about it.....I think I might just get one of these for myself!