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Sleeping Beauty Costume

Our Sleeping Beauty costumes are so pretty that every prince around will want to wake you for a kiss. From the classic Disney animated movie "Sleeping Beauty" this Princess Aurora costume is nothing to yawn at. With golden locks, a beautiful pink gown and shimmering crown, our Sleeping Beauty costume will transform you into the prettiest of princesses. Sleeping Beauty may have slept for years, but this costume is so fun, you'll want to stay up all night long to show it off.

Sleeping Beauty - Maleficent Deluxe Adult Costume
Retail Price: $70.00
Sale Price: $52.32

Sleeping Beauty Aurora Ballerina Toddler/Child Costume
Retail Price: $43.00
Sale Price: $32.51

Sleeping Beauty Aurora Deluxe Toddler/Child Costume
Retail Price: $66.00
Sale Price: $49.84

Sleeping Beauty Aurora Infant Costume
Retail Price: $27.00
Sale Price: $20.22

Sleeping Beauty Aurora Prestige Adult Costume
Retail Price: $127.00
Sale Price: $95.34

Sleeping Beauty Aurora Prestige Teen Costume
Retail Price: $127.00
Sale Price: $95.34

Sleeping Beauty Aurora Classic Child Costume
Retail Price: $43.00
Sale Price: $32.51

Living life invisible may get you down in the dumps, but can you imagine if all your aspirations could come true, and you could live in the spotlight for only one day per year? Being dressed in a brand new outfit a single day may change your life for good.

There is nothing sure to bring the power of Halloween out such as the spectacular Sleeping Beauty halloween outfit. If you wish for originality, an Aurora Ballerina ensemble can be an ideal costume to suit your needs.

Word of caution: if you buy some Glitter Makeup Crayons, you may rise up the next morning thinking about how you forbad spinning with distaff or spindle, possessed godmothers and fooled the Queen Mother. No matter whether you want to go out showing off a Pumpkin Flashlight or an Aurora Wand, your favorite costume is in this halloween store, just waiting for you. Take care of simple Jane and add some pizazz to your costume with a Glitter Make-Up Kit, an Aurora Wig, or some Sparkle Ballerina Shoes.

Did You Know?

  • Sleeping Beauty: Many of Perrault's stories were rewritten by the Brothers Grimm, continue to be printed and have been adapted to opera, ballet (such as Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty), theatre, and film.
  • Sleeping Beauty: Sleeping Beauty's Castle in Disneyland is actually modeled after "Neuschwanstein", the Bavarian castle built by King Ludwig II from 1869- 1886. It is not a "composite" of french and german architecture as indicated.
  • Sleeping Beauty: Walt Disney suggested that all three fairies should look alike, but veteran animators Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston disagreed with this idea, saying that having them be alike wouldn't be exciting. Also, the idea originally included seven fairies instead of three.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Underdog - dress yourself in a red sweatsuit. Cut a big "U" out of white felt and attach it to your chest. Make a cape out of blue cloth. Make big black floppy ears out of felt and attach them to a headband. Use make-up to create a black nose and whiskers.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Stadium Vendor - dress yourself in a sport shirt and visor. Hang a shallow cardboard box around your neck with a strap. Attach pictures of the items you are "selling" on the front of the box, with prices. Fill with snacks (or beer). Walk around and shout loudly, selling your products. You can actually collect money from people if you want!
  • DIY Costume Idea: Psychic - wear long flowing clothes, a silk scarf wrapped around your head, big hoop earring, lots of bracelets, and lots of make-up. Carry a crystal ball.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Beat-Up Hockey Player - have on a hockey jersey, hockey shorts, shin guards, elbow pads, etcetera. Bring some skates over your shoulder. Now include band-aids, bruises, charcoal eyes, a cast, and so on.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Dry Cleaning - don a suit. Locate a clear plastic dry cleaning bag, slice an opening for you head and dress in it over your body. Stick a hanger interior the bag behind your head.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Drew Carey and Mimi - The man might wear a size good sized suit and round black eyeglasses. She is wearing a blonde curly wig, a muu-muu, tons of cosmetics, and bears a troll.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Devil and Pregnant Angel - The man dresses as a devil. She (being pregnant) dresses up as an angel. The woman can sport a sign or scribble on the belly of her halloween outfit "The Devil Made Me Do It!"
  • DIY Costume Idea: Chiquita/Carmen Miranda - When it comes to the hat, start together with a tight-fitting turban and fix pieces of fake fruit (will be found in craft stores) using fishing line and/or a paste gun. For your dress, grab a plain gown and stitch swatches of colorful fabric to create a halter-top overlay, hip sash, and ruffles on the sleeves and hem. Hold maracas.
  • Halloween Trivia: The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston has organized a "Saint Fest" on Halloween. Likewise, lots of modern day Protestant churches view Halloween as being a entertaining special event children, holding halloween shindigs in their churches where children and their dad and mom can dress up, play games, and get goodies for nothing.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Bureaucracy - Get crimson bow and wind it all round your body. You are "Red Tape."
  • Halloween Trivia: There's a lot to be said about babies given birth to on Halloween. Halloween children are meant to enjoy life long safety against satanic demons.

Our extended mixture will allow you to be whoever you desire this halloween. By the way, this week's featured halloween ensembles are: a Black Fingernail Kit and a Prince Charming ensemble. FunCostumeStore is THE play ground - get in the sandbox and enjoy!