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South Park Halloween Costumes

South Park Kenny Adult Costume
Retail Price: $77.00
Sale Price: $57.78

South Park Kyle Adult Costume
Retail Price: $60.00
Sale Price: $45.06

South Park Cartman Adult Costume
Retail Price: $60.00
Sale Price: $45.06

South Park Stan Adult Costume
Retail Price: $60.00
Sale Price: $45.06

Transforming into someone else doesn't take a special concoction. How would you like to be able to hop into the dressing area and step out someone different? Many reasons exist why both adults and kids enjoy playing with different characters/wear a costume; the primary one being to honor one of the finest events of the year: Halloween!

Just imagine yourself displaying a Captain America Muscle costume for your next function. What words pop into your head? Regardless of whether you are searching for a Snow White Evil Queen ensemble or a Pimp Purple Crushed Velvet costume, you are certain to discover it at this website.

Immerse yourself within this concept, and you may shortly discover yourself going to Satan's party, playing with the adorable Forest Critters, or even dealing with Cthulhu. Give yourself a spectacular party outfit this halloween from our substantial South Park catalogue. Go all out this season. Your character didn't merely stop with the outfit part of the halloween outfit; why should you? Pick up a few a Ball and Chain, some Lucille Shoes, or a Voice Changer and decorate your party outfit.

Did You Know?

  • South Park: Mary Kay Bergman, the longtime former voice of Mrs. Butterworth and an experienced voice-over actress, voiced all of the female voices for the first 31 episodes of South Park as well as the movie, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, including the mothers of all four principal boys, Wendy Testaburger, Mrs. Crabtree and Nurse Gollum, among others _ committed suicide in 1999.
  • South Park: The creators commented that when the show was first popular, the catch phrase from people on the street had been, "Oh my God! They killed Kenny! ...You bastards!" With the introduction of a wheelchair-bound boy with cerebral palsy, the catch phrase became "TIMMAY!"
  • DIY Costume Idea: Three Blond Mice - Three people don gray sweat suits, mouse noses, Mouseketeer ears, and mouse tails. Dress in blond wigs (if needed).
  • DIY Costume Idea: Quarter Pounder - Carry a quarter and a hammer. If someone asks what your costume is, put the quarter down and pound it with the hammer.
  • Masquerade: In the 1770s fashionable Londoners went to the masquerades organized by Teresa Cornelys at Carlisle House in Soho Square, and later to the Pantheon.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Fireworks Mishap - Choose hairspray to make your hair stick straight out. Choose charcoal powder-make-up to simulate flash burn marks on your face and hair. Carry a big faux burned firecracker.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Clock - Slash two sizeable circles out of posterboard and fix to straps that you will slip on over your shoulders. Make two timer hands out of dark colored posterboard and affix to front, and add the wall clock numbers.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Eggs over Easy - don truly revealing clothes. Secure a carton of eggs to a headband and don it on your head.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Crown Royal - Use dark colored blue felt, and sew it into a good sized bag to cover your body. Try a length of gold cord and neck tie it round your throat at the top of the bag. Spraypaint a wastebasket gold to slip on at your head.
  • Halloween Trivia: Halloween symbolism includes topics of deaths, evil, and the occult or legendary monsters.
  • Halloween Trivia: You will find 1,177 U.S.A. Manufacturing establishments that produce chocolate and cocoa goods. 409 U.S.A. Companies produce non-cocoa confectionary. Us citizens ingested 24.7 pounds-per household of sweets around Halloween in 2010 alone.

Given hundreds of both adults and kids costumes and props in our site, we're positive you will discover an ideal costume for yourself. Oh, and this week's showcased ensembles are: a Gorilla outfit and a Red Riding Hood costume. FunCostumeStore is THE play ground - get out and enjoy!

PearlC1935: I have been late to start but here is the head of my werewolf.I plan on getting hubby to weld a body frame for me so i can give it a underworld werewolf body.Not sure the easiest way to do this...any ideas? I was thinking i have plaster bandages if hubby is willing to sit still...or chicken wire like i did the head.
Thanks for the paper towel paper mache ideas on here...made it so much easier to build this thing so far.Also, any ideas on finally sealing this thing...it will be 7 feet tall so its a garage storage for sure.

Maycott290: wow really nice. You can seal with poly several coats, or Valspar a marine product.

FlourGrossman: looks great so far!

MittenMatsuki: Got these for $8.74 cents at the dallor tree. I see the beginnings of a voodoo spirit ball table . The paint job on the blucky skulls suck so im gonna have to repaint them. They only had 3 in the store so im gonna go back and get more.

August-Ghetto375: My lucky numbers haha.

ChinchillLestrange: Yea I was there today and i saw they had skulls and feat and fingers (O My).
I guess a lot of us went to the dollar store today.

CushionDavis: yes, PLZ. omg! What's the price of this? i have to have four of these.

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