Superhero Masks

Spiderman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, and the Green Hornet all hide their faces. You may want to show your face when wearing a superhero costume, but many of these characters sport superhero masks. This means that you'll have to choose a costume that includes the appropriate superhero mask or search our collection of high-quality masks with which to complete your outfit. Be sure that you are not allergic to the materials and that it is being provided in the appropriate size - meaning adult or child. Remember too that some makeup may still be necessary for the best results.

Wolverine Shirt And Mask Adult Costume
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Spider-Man Shirt And Mask Adult Costume
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Iron Man Shirt And Mask Adult Costume
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In some cases it can be awkward to meet anyone whenever you're at anything social. You don't know that many people, and socializing can be challenging. Halloween or any shindig can be one night a month that it is alright to be someone you're not. You can make out to be whoever you would like to be, and no-one thinks anything about it.

Are you channeling Superhero this October? For those who love to enjoy life on the crazy side, the Superhero attire is certain to draw out the devil in you.

Just what do you want to have in a halloween costume? Do you desire to start feeling like someone entirely different and be the life of the party? Enjoy life a lot more with a dazzling rockin' party costume. There's one that's just perfect for you. Take your time to be the main topic of interest. The perfect costume is fantastic, however it isn't until the very last details are put on that you will really fit the part. Don't overlook a Wolverine Face Tattoo, a spiderman Face Tattoo, and some Wolverine Origins Adamantium Claws.

Did You Know?

  • DIY Costume Idea: Alice and the White Rabbit - Alice wears a light blue dress, white pinafore, white petticoat, stockings, black shoes, blonde hair with a blue headband. The White Rabbit wears a rabbit costume, with a waistcoat, pocketwatch and glasses.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Freudian Slip - don a slip, preferably black. Add a name tag that says "Sigmund Freud." Or attach notes from Freud's teachings (i.e., Ego, Id, Oral Fixation, etc.).
  • DIY Costume Idea: Chewbacca - Buy lots of fake fur and use glue to attach it to some pants, a long-sleeved hooded shirt, shoes and gloves. Use spirit gum to cover your face with fur. Have on a bandoleer over your shoulder and carry a bowcaster.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Penguin - dress yourself in an extra-large black hooded sweat suit, with sleeves long enough to hang down over your hands. Trim the pants so they go to just below your knees. Use stuffing to fill them out. Attach a large white felt oval to the front of your body. Have on yellow tights, with yellow felt webbed feet over the tops of your shoes. Attach white felt eyes and a yellow felt beak to the front of the hood.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Anthrax Investigator - have on a gas halloween mask, a long yellow overcoat, and pure white gloves.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Chocolate Chip - show off brown clothes, with a label which says "Chip." Alternate: Color a potato chip brown and paste it to your shirt.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Annette Funnyjello - dress yourself in a net at your head and bring a bowl of Jello including a silly face colored on it.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Blackbeard - put on darkish pants that are hemmed simply below the knees, over dazzling white leggings, with dark-colored buckle shoes or boots. Put on a white tunic-style shirt under a long dark colored coat with big cuffed sleeves. Add a charcoal pirate hat, and bandoliers across your chest with more than a few pistols. Dress in a lengthy black colored beard.
  • DIY Costume Idea: BP Oil Worker - Look for a worker jumpsuit and fix a patch on the upper body saying "BP Oil." then take some vegetable oil and color it black colored with food coloring, dump it all across the suit and let it dry. Use black cosmetics to give yourself dingy skin.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Feeling a Little Bored - bring an emery board (nail file). If someone asks about your costume, "feel" the board.

Thanks to thousands of both adults and kids costumes and halloween extras in our halloween store, we're in no doubt you will find a fantastic halloween costume for yourself. Keep in mind, this will be your costume you will make use of many times at costume parties, or perhaps to shock everyone at normal parties! You'll see the right outfit for YOU or that special loved-one.