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Thanksgiving Turkey Adult Mascot Costume
Retail Price: $356.00
Sale Price: $267.31

Becoming someone else doesn't take a magical concoction. How would you like to walk into the dressing area and walk out someone different? Costumes help us achieve a deeper level of self expression. They can allow us to make use of different aspects of our personalities

Are you channeling Thanksgiving for your next party? Plunge right into a completely new life with a Thanksgiving Turkey Mascot ensemble.

Have a great deal more excitement, change into someone different, and experience something quite different . Are you all set for the night of your life? Are you prepared to let yourself live life on the wild side with the spicy rockin' party collections? There certainly is one for every occasion and one for every single mood. Just what are you hesitating for? And add on any number of holiday party costume accessories - such as a Kold-Vest costume or a Kold Kollar costume - for a polished look!

Did You Know?

  • DIY Costume Idea: Lobo - sport jeans, a black leather vest with no shirt, black motocross-style boots, chains around your arms, long dark-brown hair, grizzly beard with mustache, a skull belt and equipment/ammo belt. Paint your face white with the trademark black eye make-up. Carry a machine gun. If you have a white bulldog, give him a fake spiked collar and bring him along!
  • Halloween Trivia: A well-known style is for the ladies (and in some cases, guys) to use Halloween as an excuse to wear appealing or flaunty costumes, exposing a lot more skin than was culturally acceptable otherwise.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Devo - Dress all black with dark-colored turtle necks, black colored framed eyeglasses, whip, and "flower pot" hats made from construction card board (then spray coated scarlet).
  • DIY Costume Idea: Bathtub - Get a carton to go with as the tub, paint it whitened and slice a hole in the bottom for your legs. Suspend the box over your shoulders with straps and fill the carton with whitened and light blue balloons. Secure a rubber ducky to the edge. Slip on a towel or shower cap at your head, take a bar of soap and a loofah.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Detective - sport a suit (if possible a 40s-style suit), together with a trench coat plus a Fedora. Carry a sizeable magnifying glass and hold a curved pipe in your teeth.
  • Halloween Trivia: There's a lot to be said about babies given birth to on Halloween. Halloween infants are supposed to have the advantage of permanent safety from wicked ghosts.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Anchormen - Dress as Ron Burgundy, and so on. Inside the video "Anchorman," Everyone should put on 70's business suits, with good sized lapels, flared pant legs, etc.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Ant - have on a dark-colored sweatsuit. Stuff the jacket of your trousers, along with the jacket of your shirt to give yourself an ant-shape (cinch the middle). Make extra "legs" by stuffing jet black pantyhose with wire and batting. Stick the legs to your shirt and then "dangle" them from your biceps using fishing line. Make antennae out of wire and fix to a headband.
  • DIY Costume Idea: 101 Dalmations - spectacular for a company shindig. Boss might be Cruella, vice presidents Horace and Jasper, and all other workers puppies. For pups: use whitened headbands, stitch ears and go with a magic marker to form spots. Don white colored tshirts and dark denims, incorporating dark-colored dots made from design paper. Use make-up to add dots to your face. For Horace and Jasper: show off older, dusty clothes, carry baseball bats and sacks (to catch dogs). Cruella: wig for the hair, cape, high heels, fishnet tights, and lastly the cigarette with French holder.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Count Pimpula - dress in the usual vampire gear (teeth, cloak with collar, and so forth.). After that don a pimp hat including a feather, gold chains, a toddler pink or lavender trousers, carry a cane and color one of the vampire fangs gold.
  • Costume Making: Velcro is actually a extremely used product. You can glue, sew or perhaps place velcro upon almost any project you work on. Just to illustrate: you tend to velcro your own weapons to their holsters, to make sure they don't fall out while sporting the halloween costume.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Bottle of Nail Polish - Get cardboard to make a big tube that fits around your body (the bottle), and another tube that fits round your head (handle). Chop slots in the bottom tube for your forearms and color it with bright, shiny color - your treasured nail polish color. Color the handle charcoal and chop a hole for the face. (Optional: caround the hole with sheer black material, so your mouth is hidden, but you can see out.) Now create a label for the front of the bottle saying "Nail Polish", with the brand of your choice.

Our site has an enormous mixture of Thanksgiving ensembles for both adults and kids. With some thing for everyone, our costume store is one-stop shopping at its finest. Actually.....I think I might just buy one of these for myself!

HarperLenton1915: Hey everyone when I joined I said I'd throw up some pics when I had something to show. Obviously I still need to paint this giant and I'm going to mount an animated gargoyle in the shelf when it's done. If anyone has any cool ideas for added detail (or tips on painting it right :P ) please pass them along.

TylerCurly: great job it looks like you put alot of time into that one sweet!!!!!!!!

KirshnerSatine: That looks GREAT!!! love the letters!!!!

SpoonAlberta1944: There are a few threads where wiring for servos and DMX are discussed and several people had warned of issues with signal interference when servo wires are laid over power cables and such. I hadn't had any problems when testing in the garage, but then I didn't have cables laid out in all directions and passing over cables carrying AC, DC and DMX.Yesterday, I got all 11of our SSC32 animated props, 8 talking skellys and 3 other servo driven props and our DMX lights up and there's ZERO interference. Everything works great and I have these Cat5/6 servo wires crisscrossing all over the "graveyard" running across 120volt extension cords, 12vac lines and some 12vdc lines. What a relief! I was truly worried about that because it would have taken me forever to lay out all of those lines so they didn't cross over eachother.

BreezeOliver: Bdude, I hope you are going to post some video of your haunt...I need the inspiration! Keith

JohnsonAmelia: omg What might we do to get one?

Cisco-Butter: How do you guys like that thing? The product I mean? the costume is most certainly the best thing!!!